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Hello members,

I thought it was time to make a new compilation of the information that we have gathered so far (15-10-2011). Thank you for all the members that contributed to this thread/database.

But first an addition to definition of what a GTAm is.
As already said the GTAm was an Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV USA (105.51) that had Spica fuelinjection. It had two brake boosters and standing pedals. These cars were converted by Autodelta to GTAm specification. The homologation papers specify what changes could be made. Autodelta had a complete list of options to convert the car into a GTAm.
Along with the type 1750 GTV USA (105.51) some type 1750 GTV EU (105.44) have also been converted (standing and hanging pedals). The same goes for some type 2000 GTV?s (105.21) with hanging pedals.
Besides that, UlrichGTA told me that in Germany some GT 1300 Juniors (105.30) have been converted to GTAm because the GT 1300 Junior was lighter.
Difficulty with the GTAm is, that it never had a unique type- and chassisnumber. This is unlike the type GTA (105.32 LHD and 105.34 RHD) and type GTA 1300 Junior (105.59).

Then there are variants within the different types:
- new cars from the production line converted to GTAm spec's by Autodelta as Autodelta works cars
- new cars from the production line converted to GTAm spec's by Autodelta as Autodelta customer cars
- existing cars converted to GTAm spec's by Autodelta as Autodelta customer cars
- new or existing cars converted to GTAm spec's by other tuners/teams with a combination of Autodelta, Angelini, Balduzzi and other parts like the Balduzzi cars (Tony Adriaensens mentions this in his book)
- new or existing (replacement) bodyshells with or without a chassisnumber that were equipped with Autodelta, Angelini, Balduzzi and other parts (for example from wrecked cars)
- other variants on this theme in various stages of tune

There is a list with Autodelta options for your GTAm called "GTAm modifications & options for GTAm".
Source: ?Alleggerita? by Tony Adriaensens

Aluminium or steel or plastic doors and boot lid
Plastic hood and dashboard
Plexiglass door glass ? descending window or sliding window
Lightweight laminated Glaverbel windshield and rear window
Rear window also available in Plexiglass
Lightweight battery in trunk (Warley)
Anatomic racing seat ? Tipo 33 ? total weight 3 kg/6.6 lbs
Roll over protection cage
Leather rimmed racing (steering) wheel
FIA oil catch tank (1 litre)
Special rear axle locating system, sliding block
Fully modified differential housing including Pivot Pin and reinforcements
Steel torque Tee ? optional Unibal joints
Modified arms for rear stabiliser bar
Koni 220/85 shock absorbers
Modified front suspension
26 mm front stabiliser bar
18 mm rear stabiliser bar
Special close ratio gearboxes ? on demand Colotti T 118 gearbox
ZF Autolock differential
Lightweight bell housing, gears and gear lever
Special lightweight racing or heavy duty rallye assembly clutch
Sebring front exhaust pipe
100 litre fuel tank with racing cab
Special Autodelta patented 100 litre safety fuel tank
Reinforcements for oversize tank
Dual Bendix fuel pumps + Lucas main fuel pump
Special plumbing for dual fuel pumps
Serck? oil cooler
Electron alloy deep sump and protection shields
Modified oil pumps with, if necessary longer pickups for deep pan bottoms
Elaborated crankcase
Special racing camshafts
Special racing pistons ? flat
Lightweight flywheel
Racing crankshafts
Special steel racing (connecting)rods; 0,740 kg/ 1.631 lbs
Special small cylinderhead ? valve angle 45 degrees ? with double ingnition
Guillotine throttle assembly for use with Spica or Lucas mk II
Fiberglass air box assembly with integral horns & nozzle holders
Spica or Lucas injection
10.000 rpm rev-counter
Dinoplex electric ignition
Ventilated ATE front and rear discs with aluminium calipers
13? Campagnolo magnesium wheels (from 7Lx13? to 10Lx13?) also 7Lx15? was available
Plastic front and rear fender flares to use with 13? wheels

On special demand:
16 valve, single ignition cylinder heads approx. 240 hp
T64 braking torque differential

I doubt whether this list is fully complete.
What about a radiator (copper) expansion tank?
Special Autodelta works engines
16 valve exhaust manifold

And what about other tuners such as Angelini with it's 2000cc 16 valve cylinderhead with Weber carburettors?
Further specifications can be found in the homologation papers.

A lot of GTAm's will have been updated during and after their racing life, engines and gearboxes were swapped, they have been restored, etc ..... And some of these cars had great palmares while others were less fortunate.

Besides that, there are a lot of copies with various stages of tune with less or more original GTAm parts. Have a look around on alfabb and you will see a lot of GTV's being changed into GTAm copies. Some of them are very nice and well built.

Here is a list with with chassisnumbers and the sources of the information we have collected sofar.

1. 1530671 Autodelta 01-09-1969 (source: Tabucchi)
2. 1530776 Autodelta 29-10-1969 (source: Tabucchi)
3. 1530782 Autodelta Jolly Club 31-12-1969 (source: Tabucchi) Autodelta works car (source: Adriaensens) Takis confirms car now in the Alfa Romeo Museo Storico collection, see post #34)
4. 1530849 Autodelta 27-01-1970 (source: Tabucchi) Autodelta works car 25-01-1970 (source: Adriaensens)
5. 1530879 Autodelta 08-01-1970 (source: Tabucchi)
6. 1530896 Autodelta 28-01-1970 (source: Tabucchi)
7. 1530938 Autodelta 26-01-1970 with licenseplate MI K91850 (source: Tabucchi) Autodelta works car No date (source: Adriaensens) Could be ex-Chiapparini and ex-Rosso Bianco collection, is now in private collection and for sale as of december 2010
8. 1530952 Autodelta 26-01-1970 with licenseplate MI L27247 (source: Tabucchi) Autodelta works car No date (source: Adriaensens)
9. 1531034 Autodelta 11-02-1970 with licenseplate MI L26447 (source: Tabucchi)
10. 1531039 Autodelta 11-02-1970 (source: Tabucchi) Ex SOFAR France driven by Chasseuil (source: Adriaensens)
11. 1531042 Autodelta 16-02-1970 (source: Tabucchi) Autodelta works car No date (source: Adriaensens)
12. 1531231 Luigi Cecchini 26-05-1970 (source: Tabucchi, Takis confirms car is now in Greece, see post #35) Autodelta works engine* No date (source: Adriaensens)
13. 1532265 Autodelta 23-01-1971 (source: Tabucchi)
14. 1532307 Autodelta 23-01-1971 (source: Tabucchi)
15. 1532327 Autodelta 23-01-1971 (source: Tabucchi)
16. 1533142 Autodelta 28-01-1972 (source: Tabucchi) Autodelta works car No date (source: Adriaensens)
17. 1358476 Elaborazione Autodelta 1968, Autodelta works engine (source: Tabucchi)
18. 1378479 Monzeglio Squadra Corse 1970 (source: Tabucchi, Martinue confirms this car as genuine in post #40)
19. 1532345 (source: Tabucchi in post #112: Don Best and others in the thread concerning 'GTAm prices' mentioning the 'Angola' GTAm's)
20. 1532346 (source: Tabucchi in post #112: Don Best and others in the thread concerning 'GTAm prices' mentioning the 'Angola' GTAm's)
21. 1382607 (source: Fred della Noce noted that he used to own a Brasilian ex Jolly Club Hotel GTAm now owned by Alcidis Diniz in Brasil. Look in this thread:
22. 1530834 Autodelta works car No date (source: Adriaensens) Imported by Alfa Romeo Benelux
23. 1530840 Raced by Alfa Romeo Benelux/Grafo Racing Team No date (source: Adriaensens)
24. 1530841 Raced by Hahn No date (source: Adriaensens)
25. 1530848 Previously owned and raced by Toine Hezemans No date (source: Adriaensens)
26. 1531210 Raced by Alfa Romeo Benelux No date (source: Adriaensens)
27. 1531230 Autodelta works car 30-05-1970 (source: Adriaensens)
28. 1532166 Destination USA (source: Tabucchi) Autodelta prepared for Scuderia Brescia Corse No date (source: Adriaensens)
-. 1538476, not possible because chassisnumber is too high (?!): 1538476 should probably read 1358476 (source: Adriaensens)
29. 1530037 Prepared in 1974, Balduzzi camcover (source: Eiso Bergsma, he claims that the original Autodelta invoices are with the car)
?. 1357840 (Italian Monzeglio 105.44 GTAm, questionmark?)
30. 1357933 (source: Martinue)
-. 1530038 (source: Don Best) (typo for 1530938 according to Martinue's 'bad scan', Don Best confirmed it is a typo because he was working from the 'bad' scan)
?. 1530145 (source: Don Best) (typo for 1532345?, according to Martinue) (Don Best will investigate)
?. 1530246 (source: Don Best) (typo for 1532346?, according to Martinue) (Don Best will investigate)
-. 1530787 (source: Don Best) (typo for 1530782 according to Martinue's 'bad scan', Don Best confirmed it is a typo because he was working from the 'bad' scan)
-. 1532165 (source: Don Best) (typo for 1532166 according to Martinue's 'bad scan'), Don Best confirmed it is a typo because he was working from the 'bad' scan)
31. 1530974 (source: Bjorn Schmidt)
32. 1531068 (source: Vince Sharp)
?. 1534912 (source: Ecarrillo, not possible because chassisnumber is too high (?!) Should this read 1354912 and was it a typo? Why was chassis 1534912 mentioned in the auction data? What about the RHD?)
?. 1530537 (source: RossoGTVforme, Autodelta prepared (works car?) No date (Sent to US), seen in Monterey)
33. 1532022 (source: present owner; Balduzzi car, mentioned by Tabucchi, manufactured 1st of October 1970, sold 22nd of February 1971 in Madrid, Spain, body colour is white with black interior).
34. 1531222 Autodelta 20-02-1970 (source: Tabucchi) see post #192

So up to now, the sources speak of:
xx. more than 30 GTAm's that could be genuine
?. a couple of chassisnumbers that pose questionmarks
-. some chassisnumbers that could be or proved to be typo's accoording to Martinue's 'good and bad scan'.

The following period licenseplates were found up to now:

Italy PROVA MI 1310
Italy MI K91850 #1530938
Italy MI K92422 #1530849
Italy MI K9?291
Italy MI L27247 #1530952
Italy MI L31853 #1531042
Italy MI L76850
Italy MI L47393 #1531230
Italy MI L47392 #1531222?
Italy MI L47391
Italy MI L26447 #1531034
Italy MI L26448
Italy MI K63991
Italy MI K97829
Italy MI L18548 #1530776
Italy MI L12787 #1530782
Italy ?? ???????
Italy MI M48973 #1532022
Germany MA HE-555 #1530841
Germany MA TB-555 #1530841
Germany MA GS-55
Greece E-101
Greece E-43
Netherlands 93-42-MN #1530848
England HGN-19K

Tom Tanner made a list of colours belonging to the different chassisnumbers.
And there is a list of cars that ran specific races.

Please feel free to add information to this list.

Ciao! Olaf

Zagato_Olaf, Bussum, The Netherlands

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