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No worries Dave. I just looked up the one that I bought which looks identical to the one that came on the motor. Its from a 91 Spider. I only have the IAP part number handy not the Bosch number; 22757.

I have not mounted it yet as I did not want to damage it when putting the motor in the car; these sensors are darn expensive. When I have the old and the new one sided by side I will report as to their differences.

I was following your adventures in water pump modifications when you were knee deep in it. It actually relieved me of my stress of buying the pump that I did. The route I have taken just simplified the process a little.

I guess the trade off is now I will need to do modifications on the gauge as opposed to the pulley.

The first time you cranked up your motor with all the modifications, did you have a start up procedure or check list to help you? That day is coming up and there are so many new systems that have never work together or even been started up. Would be nice if someone has put together a check list. The big one for me is the ignition computer... the mysterious black box that make the black magic.


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