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In the home stretch now

Made some time on Sunday to be in the shop and play with the motor.

It was so nice after months of collecting bits and pieces to finally get to do something with them.

A couple of questions have come up though.

1. Those beautiful headers from Alfaholics will be dumping more heat into the engine bay than the stock cast iron ones. I was thinking of using header wrap but after a quick search I am not sure. Of those that have this exhaust system what are your thoughts on engine bay heat? My biggest concern is that the braking system is located directly above these babies.

2. When re-installing the motor into the car are these full length headers going to be in the way? Most of the pictures I have found of engine installs show the headers on the motor for the install so I am assuming for most exhaust systems its not a problem. Thoughts?

3. And finally the spacing of the intakes of the TS are different then the original 2L so the original air box needs extensive modification if its going to be used. This I will probably tackle once the car is on the road. <grumble>

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