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redneck aircon 74 GTV

I'm just toying with this, thinking out of the box but probably just crazy. I have seen the rear mount ac unit on the market that is used in hot rods etc and looks interesting but still requires all the same dead weight and unpleasant looking plumbing in the engine compartment so I had this crazy thought....... if you had a 5000btw 125 volt window unit mounted in the trunk to just blow cold air into the cabin why not? Sure it would required some duct fabrication but nothing that would ruin the car. So a 2000 watt continuos inverter will put out 125 volts and 16 amps (according to ohms law) and 12 volts with a 65 amp alternator will generate 780 watts. The current consumption of the aircon is 6.5 amps and 125 volts which is 812.5 watts. So I'm 32.5 watts short excluding other demands on the alternator. A 75 amp alternator will put out 900 watts which doesn't leave much. An 80 amp alternator will get me up to 960 watts. Does anyone know of an 80 amp alternator that will fit a 2L motor? Stuff all this in the trunk which is where the battery is now and duct/vent as necessary! done! an added benefit is reduced understeer and a clean engine compartment. I really like it the way it is. An if this isn't redneck I don't know what is but it might be worth it. If I can drive my car in the Texas heat in August it will be worth it.
80 amp alternator for an Alfa, anyone?

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